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Can You Game on an iMac/MacBook? (2022)

To answer the question, yes you can game on iMac and Macbook, however, it’s not as easy as that. While you can game on Mac, it’s not the ideal platform for gaming. We know that may be confusing, so in this guide, we’ll explain not just what games you can play on Mac, but how to play them and where to find them. We’ll also explain why Mac is not the standard choice for gaming.


What Games Can You Play on iMac and MacBook?

Let’s first start with what games you can play, since we know you’re dying to know. You’ll be reluctant to hear, that Mac’s list of games has grown substantially over time. That’s why we have a couple of options to help you sift through the sea of Mac-compatible games.

Steam is the world’s largest video game distribution platform. So large, that it has its own section dedicated completely for games available on Mac. There is an extensive list of games here for Mac, however not all of them.

  • Not on Steam

There are a ton of other games not available on Steam that are supported on Mac. That’s why it’s worth it to Google and find out, as you may be surprised! Some of our favorite picks are:

  •  Fortnite
  • League of Legends
  • Minecraft
  • Hearthstone
  • StarCraft


What is BootCamp?

You may have heard of Mac’s BootCamp, which essentially allows you to run Windows 10 on your Apple system. In turn, it lets you play some PC games on Mac. This is an option if you’re dying to play a PC exclusive game like Apex Legends, HOWEVER, we do not recommend it!

Installing the software is a lengthy process that will almost certainly result in a headache. Furthermore, Macs aren’t optimized for gaming, nor are meant to be compatible with Windows operating system. If you choose to go this route expect extremely poor in-game performance and a good chance your iMac or Macbook hardware will quickly deteriorate. Your best option is to stick with games that have already been optimized and are compatible with Mac.


Why is Mac Not Ideal for Gaming?

The short answer is that Macs aren’t designed as gaming computers and rather as work and software computers. They are an all-in-one integrated system, meaning that the computer’s hardware and display aren’t separate, unlike how a PC has a separate desktop and monitor. Furthermore, for this reason, Macs are underpowered for gaming, mainly in terms of graphic performance. And to conclude, their operating system is not optimized to support most game files. If you choose to game on an iMac or Macbook, expect to have poor performance.


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