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Fortnite: A Fresh Take on Reality Augments!

Attention all Fortnite players, there’s a brand new way to level up your game in Chapter 4 Season 1 – Reality Augments! These exciting perks are a surefire way to give you an advantage in the battle royale arena.

Fortnite – Epic Game

Tired of relying on the same old tactics to win matches? With Reality Augments, you can expect a touch of randomness that could greatly benefit your playstyle. And the best part? These perks are given out at random intervals, so you’ll never know what you’re going to get!

Now, you may be wondering what exactly Reality Augments are. Simply put, they’re Fortnite’s own unique take on the classic concept of in-game perks. These handy boosts will give you a slight edge in a match, without completely changing the game.

Fortnite – Epic Game

And with the recent v23.30 update, there are now 37 different Reality Augments to choose from! That’s a whole lot of perks, so let’s dive into the specifics.

When it’s time to choose your Reality Augment, a symbol will appear below your minimap. And don’t worry, the game will show you which button to press to activate your perk. Whether you’re on PS4, PS5, or any other console, you’ll be able to activate your Reality Augment with ease.

Fortnite – Epic Game

But what if you don’t like your first choice of Reality Augment? Fear not! You can use Gold Bars to re-roll for different perks, and stack up a powerful combination of benefits.

So, what are you waiting for? Start taking advantage of Reality Augments in your next match and see just how much they can impact your gameplay. Who knows, you might just find your new winning strategy!

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