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Fortnite: Chapter 3 Season 2 – Week 10 Quest Guide

Thursday has struck and with it, the last round of quest for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. Players will be looking to close out the last set of quests for Season 2, which are fairly easy. So, if you’re ready to finish the last round of tasks, our Fortnite Week 10 quest guide will show you just how!


  • Repair any turret using the Repair Torch (0/300)

This challenge can easily be done at The Daily Bugle or any IO-occupied territory. There are tons of random loot drops at The Daily Bugle and a good chance you’ll pick up a repair torch. Then just head over to the entrance and find the turret, deal some damage but don’t break it. Then simply repair it for 300 health points.


  • Deploy a Tent at a Seven Outpost (0/1)

Your best bet for finding a Tent would be to land on the northern side of the map in any forested area. They have the highest chance of spawning a tent. Then head to any of the Seven Outpost on the map below and deploy your tent!

Fortnite week 10 quest guide


  • Use a Med-Mist while sliding (0/1)

This one shouldn’t pose any challenge. Simply grab some Med-Mist and make sure your health bar isn’t full. Then find a hill where you can get some good slide time and pop the Med-Mist!


  • Use a mounted turret to damage opponents in vehicles (o/1200)

This challenge may take some trial and error. We suggest landing at any Tank or Armored Battle Bus spawns, which can be found here. They have a mounted turret built in to complete the challenge with it.


  • Enter a vehicle within 10 seconds of landing (0/1)

This challenge should be super easy, just simply land on any of the cars spawns and hop in as soon as you land. You can find all the car spawns here.


  • Fly into The Collider’s energy field (0/1)

You can do this objective right out of the Battle Bus. Head over to The Collider on the map and you’ll want to fly directly into its fiery energy field. It will shoot you out and you’ll complete the challenge.


  • Emote on top of an IO Outpost (0/1)

You can do this task right out of the Battle Bus. Simply land on any of the IO Outposts on the map below and pop your favorite emote!

Fortnite week 10 quest guide


  • Damage opponents with a Light Machine Gun (0/500)

This challenge can be done in one try. Your best bet is to grab a Light Machine Gun and head to any IO-Occupied territory. They will be the easiest to collect damage points on, and there should be enough spawned to deal 500 points of damage.


  • Destroy IO barricades (0/10)

To finish you just need to destroy 10 IO barricades, We suggest going to The Daily Bugle as there are enough barricades there to complete this challenge in one go.


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