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GeorgeNotFound Sets World Record for Most-Viewed Cooking Stream

Twitch is not just about gaming. You can stream anything live – be it painting, chatting, or even cooking. Recently, quite a few streamers have taken their webcam away from their desks to the kitchen cabinet. Popular streamers like Pokimane and QTCinderella shared their culinary adventures on livestreams. Meanwhile, some other streamers like kjanecaron struggled to

GeorgeNotFound, the famous Minecraft streamer, also joined the culinary bandwagon and decided to start a live stream in his kitchen. Apart from Minecraft, GeorgeNotFound often treats his viewers to baking streams. And one of those culinary sessions became popular on Twitch and gained 319, 846 concurrent viewers.

But these numbers came to light only after popular YouTuber JackSucksAtLife did some digging.

I got GeorgeNotFound a Guinness World Record

The idea of a world record was first proposed by GeorgeNotFound. One of his hot tub streams had a whopping 300,000+ concurrent viewers. Jack Massey Welsh then tried to apply for “most concurrent viewers on a hot tub stream.” However, the Guinness World Record rejected it saying that GeorgeNotFound was not exactly in a hot tub while streaming.

After some digging and a lot of stats, Welsh stumbled upon a cooking live stream that GeorgeNotFound shared in March 20, 2021. The stream titled “George Learns to Cook…” had more than 300,000 views making it potential for a world record nomination. Welsh then proceeded to get the category approved. The Guinness World Record approved it.

With GeorgeNotFound’s approval, Jack Welsh then nominated the streamer and submitted all the evidence needed to prove that the cooking stream had reached 319, 846 concurrent views. After months of waiting, the world record was approved and GeorgeNotFound became a world record holder.

Twitch streamers will now be competing with GeorgeNotFound to break the record for most concurrent views on a cooking stream. Along with the framed certificate, Jack Welsh also gifted the streamer a ‘Most Watched Hot Tub Stream’ trophy.

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