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Ironmouse Hypes Up Asmongold to Try VTubing For A Day

If you have watched some of Asmongold’s recent streams, you’d know that he doesn’t exactly like the VTuber community considering his recent remarks. However, the streamer disagreed with this and claimed that he had also pointed out some positive aspects of the community.

To prove his point and clear the air, the American streamer did a crossover with Ironmouse, one of the most popular VTubers on Twitch. Both streamers had nice chitchat.

Asmongold commented, “People got this idea that I hate VTubing. I don’t know where people got this idea. I do not hate VTubing. I think that it’s funny, I think that it’s clever, and I think that it’s a hack for female streamers.”

Asmongold on VTubers, Favorite Anime, Being Single – Podcast with Ironmouse

During the crossover stream, Ironmouse suggested, “I think you should become a VTuber for one day.”

To this, Asmongold gave a rather surprising response. The streamer said he definitely would try becoming a VTuber for a day. He said, “I would use a VTuber avatar. Sure. Yeah, that would be okay. Like, actually no memes. No bullsh*t. Whatever. I would do it for a day. Why not?”

The streamer was asked what his VTuber avatar would be. Asmongold answered that it might be something along the lines of a muppet. He said, “You know the guy in Sesame Street that lives in the garbage can? Oscar the Grouch? I think I’d use that as inspiration.”

Asmongold later asked Ironmouse if she thinks male VTubers could be as successful as the female ones are. To this, Ironmouse had a positive response. She answered, “I feel like male VTubers are the hot thing right now. You could totally be a sexy YouTuber demon guy or a sexy cat boy.”

It would be interesting to see if Asmongold steps into the shoes of a VTuber and shares his experience.

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