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Pokimane Faces Backlash After Sharing Depp v Heard Trial Meme

The Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial has been making headlines for quite a few weeks. Each day, the ongoing trial reveals something new, and the media is quick to publish it. Celebrities couldn’t help themselves but express their opinions on the high-profile case.

Of course, streamers are no exception, and they have been actively commenting on the trial. Pokimane too decided to jump on the train and share her thoughts on it. In fact, she has been remarking about the trial for a while.

The streamer took to Twitter to share a meme about the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial. Based on a famous ‘The Office’ meme template, the post showed two photos of Amber Heard in different lighting conditions.

In the original meme, Pam, a character from The Office, pulls out two similar photos and asks to point out the differences. Pokimane inserted two pictures of Amber Heard. The template then says “They’re the same picture” at the bottom.

These photos of Heard have been used in the trial as evidence of domestic abuse in the court. As the marks weren’t clearly visible due to poor lighting, an enhanced photo was also provided.

Viewers were quick to react to Pokimane’s meme post. Most of them criticized the streamer for making a joke about something as serious as domestic abuse. The upset people were of the opinion that sharing a domestic abuse victim’s photos as memes was highly inappropriate.

Following the backlash, Pokimane quickly deleted the tweet. However, it had already been retweeted several times. So far, the streamer has not commented on the meme.

This is not the first time Pokimane has commented on the Depp v Heard trial. On May 3, she shared a video on her YouTube channel about the trial and joked that Heard must’ve “Googled how to look sad” in the court.

Pokimane is not the only streamer actively posting about the trial. Streamers like xQc and HasanAbi have also shared their perspectives on the case.

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