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“Ranch Simulator” Allows You To Rebuild Your Family Ranch!

If you like building things, you’re a hard worker (and by hard worker, I mean a serious gamer), there’s a game just for you. First, I must inform you that this action/adventure, role playing, simulator game is available on Microsoft Windows. I’m talking about “Ranch Simulator,” which was developed by “Toxic Dog” and will be published by “Excalibur Games.”

You don’t have to be an engineer, construction worker, or an actual a barn owner,  to appeal to others. Just sit back, and enjoy yourself handle gaming business. “Ranch Simulator” will be released on March 4, 2021 and the countdown is on. 

Two weeks ago, “Ranch Simulator’s” Twitter account already said there’ll be a launch discount on Steam. Your off-grid dream is one step closer in “Ranch Simulator” where you can detach and add parts to your environment, breed livestock, hunt wild animals, and more. You’re living a productive life where your surroundings are second nature to you. 

Ranch Sim – Official Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2020


In the beginning of the game, you’re so broke that you don’t have bullets in your gun, but it’s up to you to put them in. Keep the bullets out if you want. It’s already known that in the gameplay, you get to have your own ranch. This is a builder, farmer, hunter, and trader game as well. That means, you’ll be doing more than just building. Your job is to turn your family’s rundown homestead into a prosperous ranch on the valley. 

That story goes that the ranch was once your “grandfather’s pride and joy, but your family ranch has fallen on hard times.” Now, in a remote forest, you have to do whatever it takes to make the ranch prosperous again. You can play either along or with up to for players in multiplayer mode, where friends can assist. Also, you can walk or run around the ranch in first person or third person view. 

It’ll take time and money to restore the ranch to an improved and polished edition. You can purchase tools from a local hardware store and purchase a variety of vehicles from a garage, which can come in handy with building projects. It’s now your ranch and you can decide which livestock you’d prefer to farm, construct the barns, pens, and runs. 

Pick up items (like a Jerry can and car tires) and repair car tires. Chop down trees, then speed down the road in a vehicle and on a train track, if you so desire. Fill up your Jerry can with fuel at a gas station. 

If you get tired of driving, switch things up with taking a trip on a horse. You have the option to breed the horse, but we’re unsure on what happens if you don’t feed them in this game. It’s a game where you have a wide variety of options and should have a decent time playing while you try relaxing. 

It’s this is like a dream game for someone enthusiastic about agriculture, but if you despise hunting (because you’re an animal lover), just don’t go hunting. In this game, you can depend on your breeding skills and after you notice how time-consuming it is to have your own farm just by playing a video game, it’ll make you think about real farm owners. Maybe you own a ranch and are hyped up about all of the notable adventures that comes along with the game. Shrugs. 

Ranch Simulator | Official Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer


Outside the ranch, it’s an open environment. You can stalk curious deer and hunt vicious bears, but beware of wolves. Don’t get too comfortable off the grid because the wolves will attempt to attack you, so keep a sharp eye and shoot them. After you hunt down the wild animals, you can sell them to make extra money. 


Although there are daily quests to complete, the ultimate goal is to make the ranch profitable again by restoring the main house. One quest we know about ha at the beginning of the game where you read the deceased grandfather’s letter. You can detach and attach parts of the ranch or just demolish it. Purchase fresh produce and sell produce (like eggs, milk, and pork), breed animals, and hunt. 

You can drive your own car to destinations, but it’s still not known if that’ll protect you from the wolves. We all know how that works in real life. If you can run over the wolves in “Ranch Simulator” isn’t known yet. For those fortunate enough to play this game because it released sooner due to their time zone, I’m sure they aren’t trying to run over creatures. 

Have fun upgrading and purchasing cars, trailers, and trucks. The environment is realistic and lures you into the world, where you may find yourself playing “Ranch Simulator” longer than expected. If you had anything planned, you may wound up canceling it, just to play this game.