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The Last of Us Remake Will Possibly Launch During 2022 Holiday Season, Jeff Grubb Comments

The 2022 holiday season will bring more than good tidings for The Last of Us fans as Sony schedules to launch a PlayStation 5 remake of the game during the festive season. This headline-grabbing revelation came from acclaimed gaming industry insider Jeff Grubb while speaking on an episode of the Kinda Funny Gamescast

As one of the casts in the show, Jeff Grubb was responding to a question about what Sony would have as its first-party Sony exclusive in 2022. In his response, Grubb mentions that Sony is targeting the holiday window to release the remake of The Last of Us; a 2013 action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog. 

Grubb explains that after The Last of Us Part II was released, there were people in the game’s Visual Arts Service Group looking for a project to take up. They tried Uncharted, but that didn’t work out as planned, so they opted to do The Last of Us Remake instead. This move also got the support of the team at Naughty Dog. 

Releasing the remake over the holiday season is a welcome surprise for many fans. Although speculation started as far back as when Tom Henderson tweeted that the release could come at the end of 2002, fans still didn’t expect that the release could come so soon.

But, Jeff Grubb says it’s possible for it to happen because

“… they wouldn’t have to do too much, that’s the whole point. This is a game that they can update really quickly.” “…We have the bones here and we can build on that. “

Although Sony hasn’t made an official announcement regarding the release of The Last of Us Remake, Jeff Grubb says it is expected to be in production alongside The Last of Us Part II for PS5. 


Should this go as expected, it will be the highlight of the second half of Sony’s gaming calendar year. The release will create hype for Sony’s upcoming exclusives schedule and maybe even compensate for the imminent delay of God of War Ragnarök, which Grubb believes will launch in 2023 rather than 2022 as Sony had announced. We expect that PlayStation will update its release schedule soon, so you won’t have to stay in suspense for much longer. 

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